Carolina Forest Little League team out of state championship opportunity

Carolina Forest Little League team out of state championship opportunity

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You win some, you lose some, but at least you get to take a swing with the bat. Well that was what Carolina Forest Little League was hoping to do beginning today in Greenwood, South Carolina.

They were to compete for the state championship, but because of what Head Coach Nick Stefanchik calls "A Little League travesty" they won't be on the baseball diamond.

Carolina Forest Little League was originally approved to play by the District Administrator but then last night they were mysteriously disapproved. The disapproval comes because of where one boy on the team lives.

According to the disapproval the boy lives outside of the area lines to be considered on the team.

According to Coach Stefanchik: "The district administrator who was placed by Little League, and signed off on this boy playing for us at the beginning of the season, during playoffs and just recently, he knew where the boy lived this whole year. Now Williamsport says that the district administrator shouldn't have signed off on it and that we shouldn't qualify. They want to send the team we beat: Darlington to the tournament instead of us."

Little League CEO and President Stephen Keener is taking calls regarding this issue at (570) 326-1921, then press 0 to speak to him or his secretary. "I'm hoping if enough people call and leave a message with Mr. Keener or his secretary that they will see how important this is and they will let the boys play." said Stefanchik.

The Little League District Director did not even realize it until yesterday, after their entire season had been played, the boy's spot on the team was never an issue before now.

"Many people in the community are really upset about it. I mean the fault of this doesn't lay on the kids or even the coaches, the district director approved this kid to play all through the season, they played and won district and now the day before the tournament they are told they can't play." said Stefanchik.

"I don't have a kid on the team, but I feel so bad for the kids, they've worked hard for this and it isn't their fault an adult, that they probably don't even know, messed up." said Carolina Forest resident Susan Maggio.

Steve Keener's contact information is (570) 326-1921, his Twitter handle is

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