Just how rare is an eclipse this close to home?

Just how rare is an eclipse this close to home?

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - We're officially a month away from the "Great American Eclipse!" Totality passes through South Carolina with some spots in the dark for over two minutes. But how rare is it to have an eclipse so close to home?

We look ahead to the next 100 years for the answer. Through the year 2100, the United States will see six more total eclipses. The next one comes in just seven years, 2024, and passes from Texas, through the Midwest, and finally through the Northeast. But at its nearest point, totality will pass over 450 miles away from Myrtle Beach.

You're going to be waiting a bit longer for the next one… 28 years from now in 2045. This one passes a bit closer though with Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, and Florida all experiencing totality. The 2045 eclipse will be the first of a few consecutive that pass through the Southeast.

Two more passes through South Carolina in 2052 and 2078, 35 years and 61 years away respectively. The 2078 eclipse will be the only one to bring totality to our area through 2100! We'll experience darkness from Florence to Lumberton, but totality once again stays just inland from the coast.

We round out the century with two more total eclipses but both will require a long drive. A large portion of the coastal Northeast will experience darkness in 2079 with another eclipse passing from the Midwest to North Carolina in 2099… a staggering 82 years away!

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