Doctors warn of heat-related illness this weekend

Doctors warn of heat-related illness this weekend

FLORENCE, SC (WMBF) -Doctors are alerting you to the dangers triple-digit heat can have on the body as the First Alert Weather Team monitors a scorching weekend.

Dr. Jeremy Robertson is the medical director of emergency services at McLeod Regional Hospital. He said to make sure you don't overdo it this weekend.

Over the next couple of days, Robertson said the heat in our area can be tricky because symptoms of a heat-related illness can be hard to spot. Look out for warning signs like cramping and feeling lightheaded.

Robertson said if you know you're going to be doing strenuous outdoor activities over this weekend, you can help your body prepare by drinking a lot of fluids now.

It's suggested you drink water and beverages full of electrolytes - alcohol should be limited.

"Leaving things in the car like pets, animals and children is a big 'No.' Especially when it's this hot, temperatures inside of a car can be considerably hotter than the outside temperature. Keep in mind that metal buckles on seat belts and those kinds of things can reach temperatures that can actually burn you," said Dr. Jeremy Robertson.

Robertson added that heat-related illness is the leading cause of death in young athletes.

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