Atlantic Beach police chief coaches basketball team in his spare time

Atlantic Beach police chief coaches basketball team in his spare time

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - A law enforcement officer is dedicated to reaching kids in the community he serves.

This summer, Atlantic Beach Police Chief Tim Taylor has been mentoring a youth basketball team comprised of eighth-grade boys from all over the Grand Strand and the Pee Dee.

This week, Team Chief is competing in the National Travel Basketball Association Championship Tournament, which takes place at the Myrtle Beach Sports Complex.

Taylor said after seeing what was happening with law enforcement across the nation, he decided to put this team together and show the group of young boys that there are good officers out there who care about their community and want to make a difference.

"A lot of people have lost trust in us, so if we can come together and bound together and work with these kids in these communities - to save some of these kids in these communities that's faced with everyday challenges - I think we're going to be on the right path of continuing to raise great kids," Taylor said.

Tanner Wolford, a player on the team, said it's a privilege to play basketball for "Coach Tim."

"He's really crazy, wild, does all kind of stuff," Wolford said. "Overall he's a really fun coach; he does a lot of activities with us. To go with coach and all these different areas, it's really cool. It's a good privilege."

EJ McCloud said Taylor has an intense coaching style that he appreciates, and he's glad that he is taking time out to be there for the boys.

"It pushes me to go harder in life and on the court," said McCloud. "That's special because he's giving up his free time to come help our team. It makes me feel good, because I know I have someone that cares."

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