Food truck owners appeal to Myrtle Beach commission

Food truck owners appeal to Myrtle Beach commission

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Food truck owners went before the Myrtle Beach Planning Commission on Tuesday to discuss allowing food trucks within city limits.

Right now, food trucks are not allowed in Myrtle Beach, but they are legal in Horry County. The commission and food truck owners talked about which zones might be appropriate and what to regulate.

One of the city's concerns is that allowing food trucks could take business away from restaurants, but as one person on the commission pointed out, many people would not stop at a food truck on their way to go out to dinner.

"I spoke to a couple restaurant owners in the community and they were very enthusiastic about bringing food trucks here," said food truck owner Drew Basilicato.

The commission also brought up where they would be kept. Food truck owners said they would have a set location that would be approved by the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control.

Now, the commission will look to other cities to weigh the pros and cons of allowing food trucks.

"A lot of the developing cities in the area all have a great food truck scene, and why not Myrtle Beach?" said Basilicato.

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