Dozens gather for gun violence forum in Myrtle Beach

Dozens gather for gun violence forum in Myrtle Beach

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - People gathered at the Chapin Memorial Library in Myrtle Beach for a gun violence forum Saturday. Grand Strand Action Together, The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, and The Coalition all partnered up for the event.The groups are hoping to see gun laws change.They want background checks for all sold guns. According to the Brady Campaign, if you buy a gun online or at a gun show you do not have to go through a background check.

“We want to see that loop hole change. It’s proven that with background checks less crime guns get out in the community," said Merrill Chapman, president of The Brady Coalition.

According to group leaders, this was the first of many gun forums. Organizers started planning this event after the June 18 shooting on Ocean Blvd.

"We're going to be holding events across the state. So this is our first we're kicking off in Myrtle Beach in the Grand Strand area so look for us across the state. And if you're interested in holding a forum let us know and we will hold one in your area," said Chapman.

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