2 suspects arrested, 3 awaiting extradition for Facebook Live shooting

2 suspects arrested, 3 awaiting extradition for Facebook Live shooting
Keshawn Steele is in custody in North Carolina. (Source: Montgomery County Sheriff's Office)
Keshawn Steele is in custody in North Carolina. (Source: Montgomery County Sheriff's Office)

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – A second man has been arrested in connection with the shooting on Ocean Boulevard on June 18 that injured seven, and was streamed live on Facebook, bringing national attention to Myrtle Beach. A third suspect named in an affidavit for the case is in custody in North Carolina, and has pending charges there that must be addressed before his extradition. Two more co-defendants are also in custody in North Carolina, according to police.

Raekwon Graham, of North Carolina, was arrested Thursday and appeared at a bond hearing Friday at 4 p.m. He is charged with six counts of attempted murder, according to documents released by Myrtle Beach Police Friday. Bond was denied on all charges, and the judge said Graham could face a minimum of 30 years in prison for each count of attempted murder.

"I don't need to tell you very serious charges you're facing," the judge told Graham as he came forward for hearing.

An affidavit claims that Graham, along with Derias Little, who has already been arrested and charged in this case, and Keshawn Steele exited a vehicle on 4th Avenue North and Ocean Boulevard near a large group of people walking. Graham then climbed up on the car, began to interact with the crowd and distracted one of the people.

As the crowd passed the vehicle, Little snuck up behind the crowd and struck the distracted person in the head, the affidavit states. As that person tried to run, he was chased and attacked by Graham, Little and Steele. The person was able to get away; that's when Little pulled out a gun and began to fire into the crowd, striking six victims, including the person who was attacked.

An armed security guard then returned gunfire, and struck Little, the affidavit states. Little shot at the guard, grazing him. Little then walked west and carjacked a vehicle.

Little was taken to the hospital for his injuries after the incident, and was not identified or appear before a judge for a bond hearing until Tuesday.

Steele, the other co-defendant named in the affidavit, has been apprehended by authorities in North Carolina, MBPD spokesman Lt. Joey Crosby confirmed, and is in custody in Montgomery County, North Carolina, online records show. Steele has pending charges in North Carolina that must be addressed before he is extradited, Crosby confirmed. Those charges include two counts of trafficking opium or heroin and possession of marijuana, online records show.

Crosby confirmed that two other co-defendants, Tyron Steele and Jarvez Graham, are in custody in North Carolina and awaiting extradition back to South Carolina.

CORRECTION: A previous version of this story erroneously listed several criminal charges out of Richland County read by the judge as belonging to Raekwon Graham. Police later confirmed that these charges were read in error, and belong to a different suspect with a similar name and birthdate. View the full story on this error here.

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