Man impersonating alarm company employee targets Darlington home

Man impersonating alarm company employee targets Darlington home

CONWAY, SC (WMBF) – A man impersonating an alarm company representative targeted at least one Darlington resident Wednesday.

Police Chief Danny Watson said the man, wearing an orange shirt and shorts, knocked on the door of a home and asked for information about the alarm system around 1:30 p.m. He entered the information into a tablet and told the resident someone else would be by to work on the system. After he left, the alarm no longer worked.

Alder Alarm Company representatives told police no work order was made for the resident. They were able to reset the system's password.

"Remember if someone just randomly shows up to do work there is nothing random about it! Call the police! Let us check them out! Never give information out about your alarm system or personal information to anyone unless you are absolutely sure they are who they say they are," said Danny Watson. "Should someone show up like this at your residence or with some other variation of this, you can always call us! We don't mind checking them out, and honest people never mind talking to the police they have nothing to hide! Remember we are easy to spot we are in the black and white cars!"

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