Local surfer goes back to back

Local surfer goes back to back

PAWLEY'S ISLAND, SC (WMBF) - Trip Chandler's dad inspired him to surf at an early age. He enjoys any wave and living on the Carolina coast.

"It's something you can do any time. I live by the beach cause I'm blessed. I can go whenever I want and it's just really fun and low risk." said surfer Trip Chandler.

Low risk, high reward for the rising senior at Waccamaw High School. Trip recently won back to back championships in the National Scholastic Surfing Association Explorer Longboard division.

"I knew I had it. I put more into it this year than I did last year. So I had a lot of confidence going into the event and when I paddled out in the final. I just kinda knew I was gonna hold it down."

Chandler was scored off the waves them self. On a one to ten scale. The two best runs in the competition were kept.

"I probably had like four or five (runs) but I got a couple good scores right off the bat so I really didn't need it."

It appears Dad knows best after all. Trip got his love for the sport from his old man. And as his biggest supporter and coach the win was meaningful to both.

"He knew I had been training a lot and he told me what he wanted me to do and I did exactly that. It got me another first place so he was really happy with me," Chandler said.

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