Restaurant Scorecard: Two eateries earn 'C' grades after dirty kitchens, roaches found

Restaurant Scorecard: Two eateries earn 'C' grades after dirty kitchens, roaches found
iNoodles on U.S. 17 in Little River earned an overall score of 72, a "C" rating. (Source: WMBF News)
iNoodles on U.S. 17 in Little River earned an overall score of 72, a "C" rating. (Source: WMBF News)

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - Restaurants in North Myrtle Beach and Little River both earned 'C' grades from the Department of Health and Environmental Control after inspectors reported dirty kitchens and - at one place - roaches were discovered.

The Garden City Pier Cafe in Garden City earned an overall score of 97, an 'A' grade. According to the health inspection report, an employee was observed using gloves to grab raw hamburger and chicken, but didn't change gloves before cooking with utensils. That was the only violation.

A permit was issued for the St. George Bar in Myrtle Beach. The establishment also had a routine inspection, in which they earned an overall score of 95, an 'A' grade. According to the report, uncooked chicken was stored in a labeled 'to-go' bag in the freezer. Also, a food protection manager certificate was not provided during inspection.

Duffy Street Seafood Shack on Main Street in North Myrtle Beach earned an overall score of 70, a 'C' letter grade. The report states foods in the walk-in freezer were not frozen, and some were stored on the freezer floor.

The report stated shell fish tags were not maintain properly. The inspector observed there was not a visible thermometer in the cooler, and a salt water bottle was not labeled.

According to the report, foods were stored on the floor in the walk-in cooler and freezer.  The inspector observed the interior of the beer and keg coolers were dirty, standing in stagnant water, and the hood and filters had grease build up. Floor tiles were also said to be missing in the walk-in freezer, and the lower walls behind the bar equipment were in poor condition.

It was observed that the floor under all bar equipment and an ice machine was dirty. The inspector observed employees not using soap when washing their hands. However, this violation was corrected during the inspection. The report also stated soap dispensers were not working at kitchen hand sinks. This too was also corrected.

Redi-et Ethiopian Cuisine on Main Street in Myrtle Beach earned an overall score of 96, an "A" rating. The report stated a box of unopened rice was observed on the floor.

iNoodles on U.S. 17 in Little River earned an overall score of 72, a "C" rating. The inspection report lists more than a dozen violations.

The report states an employee was observed handling ready-to-eat sausage with bare hands. The inspector said dirty containers and utensils were stored in hand sinks. Improper cooling times and temperatures for certain foods, as well as improper cold holding temperatures, were also observed.

According to the inspector, home bug spray was being used in the kitchen. This was corrected during the inspection, but was also considered a consecutive violation, which means if it is observed during the next inspection, the facility may be referred to the department's enforcement division.

Roaches were also reportedly observed crawling on the paper towel dispenser, floor, walls and prep tables, and there was a heavy concentration in the chest freezer that was not in use.

The report states frozen meat was observed "sitting out" thawing at room temperature. The inspector says garbage bags were observed storing food in the walk-in freezer. The floor was dirty in the walk-in cooler, and heavy grease build up and debris was observed under the cook line.

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