Socastee neighbors concerned about possible campground development

Socastee neighbors concerned about possible campground development

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) -  Socastee may soon be the home to a new 95-acre camp ground.

The Bennett Hofford Construction Company is requesting to rezone 194.6 acres of land from resort commercial and commercial forest agriculture to a planned development district.

The developer plans to use 95 acres for resort campgrounds and cabins, and a small part of the land would turn into a commercial restaurant and marina area.

This isn't the first time the developer has requested a rezoning of the property. Back in January, Bennett Hofford wanted to turn those 194.6 acres into homes and a Market Common-type district, with a small camping area.

Now, the campground plan is expanded and the marina area is scaled down.

"It's not fair to even try to put such a transient-type development. Everything around this property on both sides is long-term residential, and they're talking about bringing in RVs and commercial-type businesses where it's very transient. We don't know from week to week or even day to day who's in our front and backyards," said Michelle McGree, co-owner of Folly Estates.

Neighbors are also concerned that the new campsite would cause traffic trouble on S.C. 707.

"The county did say they had to have main access on Highway 707, so that access on Folly Road will just be emergency, so that helps the Folly Road situation. However, we're still dealing with a major issue on Highway 707. We have the new Socastee Elementary getting ready to open up, so that's going to push more traffic to the area," McGee said.

People who live in the area say a campsite would bring down property value.

"Most of us have gone through Hurricane Matthew, and we're trying to get the value back in to our homes that once was there and now if you put campgrounds there, it's just going to bring down the value of our community," said Jerry Kelleher.

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