Alligator removed from Pawleys Island beach Wednesday

Alligator removed from Pawleys Island beach Wednesday

PAWLEYS ISLAND, SC (WMBF) – An alligator that was seen on the beach in Pawleys Island was sick, and was captured and euthanized by local authorities Wednesday.

Twitter user Blake Leigh posted a photo of the alligator on the beach Wednesday, saying that she had seen it swimming in a nearby creek for at least a week.

Pawleys Island Police Chief Michael Fanning confirmed that the alligator had been in the creek for about two weeks. He said gators do not live well in salt water, and was likely disoriented when it made its way to the beach.

Pawleys Island Police contacted the Department of Natural Resources for assistance, but local authorities were able to remove it from the beach. When they caught it, they saw that the alligator's eyes were crusted over.

The gator was euthanized by local authorities, Chief Fanning said.

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