Socastee tennis star discusses playing on the game's grandest stage

Socastee tennis star discusses playing on the game's grandest stage

SOCASTEE, SC (WMBF) - Socastee resident Renata Marcinkowska has played the game of tennis on courts from sea to shining sea.

"I've been virtually to most countries except for Japan and China," said Marcinkowska.

A former top player in her native Poland, Marcinkowska has also played in all four of the grand slams. But three is nothing quite like Wimbledon.

"It's the most wonderful experience of your life. And when you walk on the court at Wimbledon you feel special. Whether you win or lose you just feel like a million bucks."

Marcinkowska played at the All England Club three times. Once as a junior and twice as a pro. The weeks leading up to the tournament were special as well.

Marcinkowska said she was "extremely excited. As a tennis player, that's one of the tournaments you do want to play and I was just happy to be there, win or lose."

Marcinkowska never got to experience Centre Court as a player, but she played against someone who came close to winning it all.

"In 1990, I played Rosalyn Faibank in the first round. I lost to her in three sets and she ended up getting to the semifinals that year."

As a lover of the history and tradition of the sport, Marcinkowska is still prideful watching the tournament after playing at Wimbledon over two decades ago.

"It brings back a lot of memories but also gives you the appreciation of how special tennis is. Especially how special Wimbledon is to all the players," Marcinkowska said.

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