Man charged with DUI with child on back of motorcycle

Man charged with DUI with child on back of motorcycle

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) --  South Carolina Highway Patrol charged a man with DUI, helmet violation, disorderly conduct and child endangerment after police say he was weaving in and out of traffic with an eight-year-old child on the back of his motorcycle.

Sunday night around 10:13 p.m., Officer McCluskey with the Myrtle Beach Police Department reported hearing a loud engine racing behind him from a red custom motorcycle near 8th Ave. N and Broadway Street. As the motorcycle driver continued north on Highway 501, the officer reported he changed lanes four times without using a signal and was going 66 m.p.h. at one point, in a 45 m.p.h zone.

According to a report from MBPD, the motorcycle driver cut off a car to get into the parking lot of the Phoenix Grocery Store near 3rd Ave. South and Hwy. 501, and when the officer approached, he saw that the tag on the motorcycle expired in 2013.

Officer McCluskey reported 49-year-old Carl Williamson was driving the motorcycle with an eight-year-old child riding on the back. The child wore a helmet but no goggles. The officer reported Williamson had red glassy eyes, slurred speech, lethargic movements and an "obvious odor of alcoholic beverage coming from" him. McCluskey contacted SCHP, which assisted with the investigation.

The child's mother was called to take custody of the child. Williamson was booked in jail under a $3,022 bond and released on Monday, July 3rd.

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