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Monday's Spartan Ultimate Team Challenge features 3 people from the Myrtle Beach area

The three members of Team Sweet Carolina (left to right): Gabriel Arce, Charlotte Curtis, Daniel Little (Source: Gabirel Arce) The three members of Team Sweet Carolina (left to right): Gabriel Arce, Charlotte Curtis, Daniel Little (Source: Gabirel Arce)
Scene from the Spartan Team Challenge (Soruce: NBC) Scene from the Spartan Team Challenge (Soruce: NBC)
Scene from the Spartan Ultimate Team Challenge. (Source: NBC) Scene from the Spartan Ultimate Team Challenge. (Source: NBC)

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – Three contestants appearing on NBC’s Spartan Ultimate Team Challenge Monday at 10 p.m. on WMBF News are from the Myrtle Beach area!

Charlotte Curtis, Daniel Little and Gabriel Arce competed on Spartan Ultimate Team Challenge, and will be on the July 3 episode at 10 pm. Their team is called Sweet Carolina.  

WMBF reached out to the contestants and this is what two of them had to say about their experience.

Gabriel Acre:

"Being a part of the Season 2 of NBC's Spartan Ultimate Challenge was an experience like no other. I've always done individual sports such as Spartan Races but this event forced our team Sweet Carolina to work together.

“I love my Teammates and they are family to me now and I would do anything for them now. We put in the blood, sweat and tears together. I was the youngest of the group by a good amount of years and wanted to prove I belonged.

“I have lived in North Myrtle Beach my entire life and I love representing the city in a positive way. Many people view the beach as a laid back lazy town but that couldn't be further from the truth.

“I also just recently graduated from Coastal Carolina University, I felt honored to represent them as well because of all national attention the university has been getting from being NCAA National Champions and I'm glad I could represent the university in a positive way.  

“What led me into Spartan racing was how primal it all is, no other sport is like it. It challenges your mind, body and soul! I have ran many marathons and marathons in the mountains, and races that took me six hours to complete but this competition was only a half a mile long and was harder than any race I have done.

“I am honored to have been a part of the series and am appreciative for the people I have met along the way."

Daniel Little:

"Being a part of Spartan Ultimate Team Challenge was incredible!!!  They treated us like royalty and we got to meet some fascinating people along the way.  The filming took about a week with all of the team video shots of us together as well as interviews and of course filming the race. 

“We each got our own fancy hotel room at the Marriott Marquis where they filmed scenes from the Hunger Games with the big glass door elevators.  We got to explore all over Atlanta checking out the Olympic park, great restaurants and even getting in a great workout before the race. 

“Definitely a positive experience for me and my team.  The challenges we faced right away were heavy industrial type obstacles that took everything we had and then some.  We are all very well rounded in obstacle course racing and I've been racing competitively for the past three years with multiple wins. 

“As some of the top athletes in Spartan Race for the Elite series, we definitely had an advantage going in.  We practiced a lot before competing and worked hard on obstacle-specific challenges like the Slip wall and just the logistics of whose body goes where and what works. 

“During the race, we had to get in cold water, climb over one another, and really work together as a team in order to succeed. 

“Spartan Ultimate Team Challenge was so much fun and I have definitely learned the importance of teamwork and helping one another out in racing and in everyday life. 

“The people in Myrtle Beach and surrounding areas have been such a huge source of motivation and support.  People will ask for pictures with us and ask us all about the race which is a lot of fun and people see us doing these cool and challenging things and we like to encourage them and motivate them to get off the couch or to keep pushing themselves to get outside their comfort zone and stay healthy. 

“Lastly, what led to me and my team competing on the NBC Spartan show was really simple.  Three of us including myself were called to be on the show and submit a video because were the top Spartan Race Elites for the U.S.  So, they were looking for top athletes to bring out the best competition for this series. 

“I just want to say one last thing to people reading this.  It's not impossible for people to go out and do something that challenges them like this and scares them even.  Sometimes things like this seem impossible so people get discouraged and aren't even willing to try.  You can't let that way of thinking define you and shackle that adventurous heart that we all have inside us.  Get out there start smart, with a plan or trainer and gradually build up to a healthier you and find that missing ‘Indiana Jones’ that has always been there waiting for the unknown."

Spartan Ultimate Team Challenge runs six teams through the qualifying rounds every week and they are cut if they don't meet the challenge. The show airs Mondays at 10/9c on NBC.  

Good luck to Team Sweet Carolina! 

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