Poor road conditions forcing many drivers to repair their cars, mechanic says

Poor road conditions forcing many drivers to repair their cars, mechanic says

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) – A national non-profit organization recently came out with a study rating the worst roads in the United States and South Carolina made the cut.

Ten percent of South Carolina's rural roads are rated in poor condition and 26 percent of them are rated in mediocre condition, according to a report from TRIP.  The state came in at No. 1 for having the most fatalities on rural roads.

The report also found that the average driver spends $527 in vehicle operation costs in Myrtle Beach per year and $472 in Florence annually.

Adam Freeman, the lead technician at C&G Auto, said a majority of the cars that suffer damage from roads come from U.S. 17 Business.

"They've worked on the road there, but I think a lot of it has to do with the high traffic count that's on it. A lot of people are trying to drive too fast, too close together," Freeman said.

However, Freeman said there are a few things drivers can do to cut down on damage to their car. That includes leaving enough space between your vehicle and the car in front of you, and slowing down so that if there is a pothole, it can be seen before it's hit.

Lance Wright understands this, as his car was damaged from debris left in the road at the Glenns Bay Road construction site.

"It was late at night, I was coming through the construction zone, couldn't see anything, ended up with two flat tires," Wright said.

The worst damage Freeman said he has seen done to someone's car is a $2,000 repair caused by a pothole.

"If everyone gave a little more room from the car in front of them, that gives you a little more time if you see something," he said.

"You want to go somewhere and you sort of add on 10 to 15 minutes to what you think it should take just in case," said Pat Kirkpatrick, a driver that lives near construction on S.C. 707. "[The roads] could be a lot better."

Zach Wilson, who lives off Glenns Bay Road, said "there's an immense amount of potholes everywhere" and the area construction makes driving a time-consuming venture everyday.

The South Carolina Department of Transportation has compiled a list of the most dangerous roads in the state. Three of them are located in Horry County.

S.C. 701 ranks No. 12 on the list, S.C. 22 came in at No. 28 and S.C. 90 landed at No. 37.

A representative for SCDOT said the danger level of the road is determined by the condition of it - whether that be the condition of the pavement or lack of things like road shoulders - and the driver's behavior.

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