Darlington residents asked to report street light outages

Darlington residents asked to report street light outages

DARLINGTON, SC (WMBF) -One community is asking for your help to keep the lights on.

The City of Darlington is asking its residents to report any street lights that may be dimmer than usual or need a light bulb change.

Police Chief Danny Watson said his officers recently submitted more than 160 street light repairs to the utility company.

While the city is not responsible for the upkeep, everyone can help keep the power companies aware of outages to keep the city well lit.

The chief added street lighting is a helpful crime deterrent.

Street lighting helps officers see at night and helps to cut down on burglaries and robberies.

"Folks will tell you that if you turn on the lights, cockroaches will scatter.  I'm not meaning that in a literal sense. But what I am saying is that someone who is going to break into something is going to look for a place that is not well lit that they can be hidden from law enforcement or from any other peering eyes that might see someone who is up to no good," said Chief Watson.

Watson said his staff has found that after reporting the outages to the power utility it takes a couple of days to get crews out to repair them.

"Getting out there and making sure that our street lights are working is very important. Now is it the police department's job to get out here and check pole numbers and things like that? No. What we try and do is if we have the opportunity if we have a slow night and we don't have a lot of calls for service or something like that, we will go out there and get the pole numbers." Watson said.

If you would like to report street light outages log onto your power utility's website and you will find reporting information there.

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