Horry County Rocks bring joy to the community

Horry County Rocks bring joy to the community

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - Residents may have recently noticed some colorful rocks in the Horry County area.

It's an attempt to spread kindness throughout the county using rocks, pain, and Facebook.

Amber Forrester started the group on Facebook, called Horry County Rocks, when her cousin gave her the idea over the winter. She said it was something to do that passed the time, but more and more people began to join the group.

Now, over 500 members post rocks almost every day that they find painted and placed throughout the county.

"We just want to make people smile. It gives kids something to do - have fun," she said, "Whenever they find a rock, they get all excited, they post it and it's just happy for everybody."

The idea of the group is to post a picture of a painted rock and then hide it for someone else to find.

Those who find a rock are asked to post a picture of it and then hide it again for someone else to find.

Forrester said she loves to see the inspirational quotes and messages painted on the rocks and it's a great way to put a smile on someone's face.

"Sometimes we'll put uplifting quotes. One lady told us we made her entire day once because we put an uplifting quote and she was having a bad day and she found the rock and it just made everything better," Forrester said.

Members who participate are encouraged to hide painted rocks after they've been found to keep the chain going. However, she understands that if a rock makes someone especially happy, they may want to keep it.

Forrester started the Facebook group this past December and she hopes members will continue to paint rocks, post pictures and hide their masterpieces all over Horry County.

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