Gun accidentally goes off at Coastal Grand restaurant

Gun accidentally goes off at Coastal Grand restaurant

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF/MyHorryNews) – A gun was accidentally discharged at the Cracker Barrel at the Coastal Grand Mall Thursday.

WMBF News partner MyHorryNews reports that a man was eating his lunch with his family in the restaurant's back dining room when a small revolver fell out of his pants pocket and went off. The bullet lodged itself in the wall of the restaurant.

"It was the craziest thing I've ever seen," waitress Kayla Bryant told MyHorryNews. "I was just going around refilling drinks when I heard this loud bang behind me then this table of women scream. It was complete chaos because people were going on like who has a gun and the man that had it didn't realize that it was his that had went off."

Olivia Williams, another waitress who has been working at Cracker Barrel for three years, told MyHorryNews reporter Lindsay Hickman: "Well I had been in the kitchen and then I just heard this pop, like a firecracker and I ran out into the dining room and saw all these people screaming and yelling and it was just crazy."

Bryant said thankfully no one was hurt, and that she was glad the man had not brought the gun in with the intention of hurting people.

"The man was very nice and he had just had it in his pocket, because he usually had a holster, but didn't have one on," Bryant said. "He was very apologetic about the whole thing and very sorry for scaring everyone. It definitely wasn't your typical day at the office."

Bryant added that the incident has made for quite a story.

"Yeah, all day today we've been showing off the bullet hole to customers, they've enjoyed the story, so at the end of the day everyone was okay and our customers are getting a kick out of it,' she said. "One of them even told us that the hole blended in well with our décor!"

Williams added: "I'm not anti-guns or anything like that but I would definitely tell people if you are going to carry them, to make sure they are secure. I mean have a safety on or something to where if an accident happens it won't cost anyone their life."

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