Consider This: City, police response to weekend violence showed good leadership

It has been a violent week in Myrtle Beach with several shootings over the weekend including a very disturbing incident where a teenager pulled out a gun and fired into a crowd of people on Ocean Boulevard.

We've all seen it, so have thousands of others across the country since it was all unfolding live on Facebook.

It's similar to what happened 3 years ago, during an incredibly violent Bike Fest.  The violence rose to the point where it cannot be tolerated anymore.  Immediate action needs to be taken.

Consider This:  It could be deja vu all over again, but thankfully it isn't…yet.

City leaders responded quicker this time with a meeting asking for public comment and input.  And then, kept the discussion open instead of going into executive session.

Interim Myrtle Beach Police Chief Amy Prock showed true leadership by providing all the information she could, listening to concerns and suggestions and showing that she can perform under pressure.

Concerned citizens, local business owners, community leaders proved how passionate they are about our city and the safety of our residents and our visitors.

The collaboration and transparency is great, but it won't mean anything if  leaders don't take action and put a plan in place that produces results quickly.

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