Horry County fighting back against recent acts of violence

Horry County fighting back against recent acts of violence

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - The Horry County Community Violence Sub-Committee is working on creating six new focus groups to help combat crime.

They will cover prevention/intervention, enforcement, fast-track prosecution, community, social and resource identification.

Tom Fox, co-chairman of the Community Violence Sub-Committee, says this will definitely help to end the violent acts of crime that have been occurring lately.

He describes prevention/intervention as an initiative that will help stop crime before it happens. This could be more rehabilitation and detox centers for those seeking help with drug addiction, as he says drug use can sometimes lead to violent acts.

Enforcement, he says, directly involves law enforcement and their ability to enforce the law to the max.

Fast-track prosecution is designed to get criminals off the streets quicker. Fox says this would hopefully send a harsh message to others with similar intentions.

The community group will focus on individual community, family and home needs.

The social group is meant to target the youth in our area. To find a way to reach them socially, whether that be through social media, after school programs or community involvement.

Finally, the resource identification group's job is to search for applicable grants. Plus, they will also search federal, state and local law for funds that could be reallocated to public safety.

Fox says these six groups will only work if all of the municipalities get on board.

"Violent crime is prevalent throughout the United States, it's not just Myrtle Beach or Horry County, it's throughout the United States. So coming up with solutions to address it as a county-wide problem, including the municipalities, is the best way to go forward," said Fox.

The Community Violence Sub-Committee group is looking to host another meeting sometime in early August to discuss these plans with other city and county leaders.

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