BAM Youth Football Camp

BAM Youth Football Camp

CONWAY, SC (WMBF) - The Be A Man youth football camp is teaching campers the basics of Football. Proper techniques and how to throw.

"Most of all, we teach have fun. Enjoy the game of football. Because at the end of the day it's a game," said Coastal tight ends coach Nick Jones.

The sun may have been hiding for the campers causing drills to be moved indoors. It will shine bright on the Chants when they move up to the Sun Belt this fall. The pressure of having fun this week was easy, as for this September?

:Moving up is obviously a challenge and we're looking forward to that challenge. We kind of take each week at a time," Linebacker coach Ryan Goodman said.

The coaches this week are building up player's instincts and abilities, while Brooks Stadium is in the process of building upwards as well.

"Really looking forward to the challenge and I know our staff is going to do a great job of adapting and adjusting and doing a good job of making all of Coastal proud," said Nick Jones.

As the Coastal football program continues to grow. Some of these campers may be in the team's future plans.

"Get as many kids as we can at an early age and develop them as they get older and through high school and become a Chant one day," Ryan Goodman said.

Coastal will hold high school prospect camps next week on campus.

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