Planning commission continues discussion for renaming a portion of Yaupon Drive

Planning commission continues discussion for renaming a portion of Yaupon Drive

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – Steps were taken Tuesday to try and put an end to the ongoing battle over whether or not to rename part of a Myrtle Beach street.

The city's planning commission heard arguments both for and against the proposed change to Yaupon Drive.

Members of the South Beach Neighborhood Watch want to see the area of Yaupon Drive between 19th and 29th avenues south renamed to South Beach Drive.

Craig Teller, coordinator of South Beach Neighborhood Watch, said the reputation for crime that other areas of Yaupon Drive has does not reflect well on his area.

"The name is associated with crime. Every day you pick up the paper and see prostitution arrest, drug arrest, violent crimes, robberies, and none of that occurs from 19th avenue south to 29th avenue south," he said. "It all occurs in the northern corridor."

The planning commission empathized with residents who are in favor of the name change. However, the opinions of those on the north side still have to be taken into consideration.

"I want to see us work together. I want to save Yaupon Drive," said Bettie Olivieri, "I don't want to divide it up into two different sections. I want us to be the entire south end of Myrtle Beach and I want to clean it up, for all of us."

Olivieri is a resident who lives on the north side of Yaupon Drive. She said that changing the street name won't change the crime rate and changing a section of the street only makes her feel excluded.

The planning commission voted to continue this discussion at the next meeting on July 18.

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