Weekend violence could have big impact on Myrtle Beach tourism

Weekend violence could have big impact on Myrtle Beach tourism

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – Ever since the Facebook Live video of Saturday night's shooting on Ocean Boulevard surfaced, people have been taking to social media expressing their concerns with the area.

Locals have been commenting saying they try to avoid the area at all costs. People who aren't from the area have talked about how they don't want to visit because of this shooting.

Taylor Damonte, director of the Brittain Center for Resort Tourism at Coastal Carolina University, said while there's no clear indicator that this event will lead to a decrease in tourism, crime is a factor tourists take into account when choosing where to vacation.

The shooting will also likely affect local businesses, especially because the Facebook video has been seen so many times across the world.

One Myrtle Beach business owner said she is sad to see incidents like Saturday night's shooting happen, but believes Myrtle Beach is a good place to live and own a business.

"It just goes viral, and then the whole world knows, which I guess we should know when something bad's happening, but I don't like it when it causes people to go into that state of fear," said Deann Sarver, the co-owner of the Boardwalk Coffee House. "Because, basically, Myrtle Beach is a wonderful place to be, a wonderful place to live and have a business, a good place to come visit, so I hate that it causes people to be fearful."

Seven people were injured Saturday night in a shooting on Ocean Boulevard near 4th Avenue North. A Facebook Live stream of the incident went viral, now with over 4.1 million views.

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