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Restaurant Scorecard: Raw squid, slime, no hand washing discovered at Grand Strand eateries

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A hole in the cooler floor was observed during the inspection at the Old Bull and Bush Pub in Myrtle Beach. (Source: DHEC) A hole in the cooler floor was observed during the inspection at the Old Bull and Bush Pub in Myrtle Beach. (Source: DHEC)

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - Lots of As, a B and even a C were the grades in this week's Restaurant Scorecard.  

Just in time for the Carolina Country Music Festival, inspectors with the Department of Health and Environmental Control visited a popular eatery right across from the festival, and also stopped by the Old Bull and Bush Pub, along with a few other restaurants.

Kings Sushi on U.S. 17 in Surfside Beach earned an overall score of 71, which is a "C."

According to the inspection report, an employee was observed not washing their hands during the time of the inspection. The report also stated an employee did not wash a pot properly, as it was not immersed in hot water for at least 30 seconds. The proper cleansing chemicals were also not used.

The inspector stated that raw squid was seen thawing in standing water, and an employee was washing dishes in a three-compartment sink, with food thawing in one of those sinks. Also observed was grease buildup on the grill's hood and certain foods being held at improper holding temperatures. 

A manager at Kings Sushi said the problems were fixed at the restaurant. A receipt provided to WMBF News showed the restaurant paid a service to have the hood cleaned from the grease buildup. According to the report, DHEC will conduct a follow-up inspection within 10 days. 

The Old Bull and Bush Pub Eatery on the U.S. 17 Bypass earned an overall score of 78, a "B" rating.  

The inspector observed an employee switching between tasks while handling raw and ready-to-eat foods without washing their hands. The report says a handsink in the kitchen was inaccessible and it was blocked by a large trash can. Boxes of foods were also stored on the floor in both the walk-in and the cooler. 

According to report, bare wood was being used in the walk-in freezer to the hold the freezer ceiling up. The inspector stated it was an unapproved source. John McCann, owner of the Bull and Bush, said he was using the wood as part of the repair for the ceiling. He began fixing it before his inspection visit. 

The inspector also said the walk-in cooler was in poor repair and there was a hole in the floor that needed to be repaired. McCann said the floor has been abused, as beer kegs are constantly placed on it and it has become worn over the years. The owner added he is working to make the repairs. 

Additionally, the inspector observed dust accumulation and food debris build-up on the floors in the walk-in freezer and walk-in cooler. The floors under and behind the ice machine, as well as and underneath the equipment, had slime built up. 

Coastal Wine Boutique in North Myrtle Beach got an overall score of 98. The report stated there was not a food manager certification observed in the facility. 

Cold Stone Creamery in The Market Common earned an overall score of 98. A cinnamon sugar container and various squeeze bottles did not have identifying labels, according to the inspection report. 

The Cookout on Loyola Drive earned a score of 99. The inspector observed ground hamburger cut up and immediately placed in a make-top cooler in an oversized shallow container. As a result, the report states improper cooling methods were used. 

Peaches Corner in downtown Myrtle Beach on Ocean Boulevard earned an overall score of 92.  

Many things were corrected during the inspection. The reported stated a hand sink at the cook line was used to rinse dishes. This was corrected during the inspection.

A chemical spray bottle stored with and facing utensils was observed. However, the report stated this too was corrected during the inspection. Boxes stored on the floor upstairs was observed. This, too, was corrected during the inspection.

The inspector observed exteriors doors were propped open, which could allow entrance of vermin such as flies. 

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