Businesses along 8th Ave North have different CCMF experiences

Businesses along 8th Ave North have different CCMF experiences

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - 8th Avenue North is closed off to traffic for Carolina Country Music Fest, but people still have access to two businesses via Chester Street.

"Every year they've been very accommodating," said William Lindsay, owner of Barnacle Bill's. "Myrtle Beach city has worked with us very well."

Just a couple of fences separate Barnacle Bill's from the festival.

"Probably one of the biggest events other than Harley Week that we have all year," Lindsay said. "It's probably one of the best things Myrtle Beach city has done with this area over here."

Lindsay has nearly sold out the front deck.

"We charge 50 dollars a seat and that gives them a 50 dollar tab inside the bar," he said.

He put seats up for sale at the end of April.

"They start asking me in January," he said.

Barnacle Bill's also gets business from people setting up and promoting CCMF.

"They've been here all week," he said. "Been here eating and drinking and having a good time."

However, regulars account for many of the weekend's customers.

"10 percent is out of town people for Country Music Fest," said William Lindsay, owner of Barnacle Bill's. "The rest are local."

Bodo's German Restaurant also mostly sees regular customers during CCMF because they know how to get in by taking 7th Avenue North to Chester Street to access the small portion on 8th Avenue North accessible by traffic for parking purposes.

"People that know I'm here after 33 years, they know to call ahead and I would be able to educate them on how to get into the parking lot," said Bodo Binninger, a member of the family that owns the restaurant.

However, Binninger said he misses out on foot traffic.

"It's all going around the park to get into the front entrance of the event," he said.

So he said the weekend is not as profitable as it is for other area businesses.

"It's just, you know, flat," Binninger said.

He said he knows the event needs 8th Avenue North for the behind-the-scenes services, but he wishes the restaurant didn't have to miss out on a potentially busy weekend because of it.

"There should be some stipend for the businesses that are affected in a negative way whether it be in a tax incentive or whatever," he said.

2nd Avenue Pier is further away from the site of CCMF, but the Pier House Restaurant gets an influx of customers anyway.

"As the week goes from opening day such as today you start to see more and more wristbands, you start to see more and more concert venue shirts, the boots, and all that attire that goes with the country music festival," said Chris Throckmorton, a server.

He said people stop in for breakfast, lunch or dinner while they're walking to the festival from a hotel or during the day while taking a break from the festivities.

He said this year in general has been good for the restaurant and recent events, such as the Sun Fun Festival and the Salt Games, have boosted numbers.

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