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Change at EPA could mean higher AC repairs

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FLORENCE, SC (WMBF) - As summer rolls around, some residents may be calling the air conditioning repairman. 

For those with older AC units, they may end up paying a higher price for the fix.

The Environmental Protection Agency determined Refrigerant 22 is no longer safe when used as freon.

According to the EPA, the product leads to ozone depletion and is harmful to the earth. R-22 is being slowly phased out.

An AC expert tells WMBF News an air conditioner’s life is normally that of 10 to 15 years. He added if an older unit needs more R-22, the customer will be paying more.

“They do still make it, but it’s on limited production, said Roy Moss, manager of Johnstone Supply. "The official year for the phase-out is 2020. Just because there is limited production - year by year - because of the phase-out, the price has gone up.” 

Those who recently purchased an AC unit will not be impacted by this phase-out because newer units don’t run on R-22.

Experts said R-22 is going to be even more expensive as years go on, so residents can consider buying a more energy-efficient AC unit.

With a new unit, the buyer may qualify for rebates and tax credits that can add up to savings in the long run.

“Each unit is a different situation, so you call a licensed heating and air contractor and they can get you fixed up with the situation and different options that you have,” Moss said.

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