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One more day until the Carolina Country Music Festival!

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MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - If you haven't purchased your ticket yet for the Carolina County Music Fest, you better act fast. Time is running out for the best view!

Last year’s event was a success, but of course with anything, improvements can be made.

WMBF News sat down with the Event Director to discuss how lessons learned were going to be implemented this year.

The number one change this year is adding more security to areas where they saw more action or needed more help.

Along with the concert wristband, event staff added cash and credit cards this year so people can have all three ways to pay for things like food, drinks and merchandise.

As far as the entrance for wristbands, organizers say it went really smooth last year because they distributed as many out before the event.

The fences around the venue are the same height, but because staff members are expecting a bigger crowd, they expanded the size of the site.

The second stage has been moved back so more people can be added.

“Our Thursday night kickoff party is on the main stage this year, and it's just gotten so big," CCMF Director Bob Durkin said.. "It was smaller event on the second stage, but since it got so big last year, we put it on the main stage this year, which I think people will be excited to come in Thursday to see the whole event site, and it will be a better performance on the main stage."

If you've been on Ocean Boulevard this week, you may have noticed the old Pavilion site getting its new look.

Tents are up, barricades are out, and you can't miss the fence surrounding the place. But event staff say while they're hoping for an event win, they're also hoping businesses will win this weekend.

Organizers say it's been a partnership from day one with not only the City of Myrtle Beach, but also the people and businesses along the Grand Strand.

Organizers come in for the weekend with the goal to get as many people out to the event as possible, but a lot of the help comes from the local hotels and businesses during the year that help promote the event.

The owner of the festival and he says he wants everyone involved to help insure everyone gets a piece of the pie this year.

"So if they're not winning and everyone is not happy it's not a win for us, we think it's great, we want to help promote those businesses, come down Ocean and enjoy the restaurants and bars, buy t-shirts and really enjoy the whole Myrtle Beach experience," Durkin said.

The Carolina Country Music Fest kicks off Thursday and will continue through Sunday.

If you're going, download the app so you know what can and can't be brought onto the site. It also shows you the schedule so you make sure you don't miss your favorite artist. For more information on tickets and to download the app, visit here.

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