Officials talk state’s new moped law

Officials talk state’s new moped law

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - After 15 years of trying to get a law passed, South Carolina is finally putting regulations on mopeds.

One of the new restrictions bans mopeds from being on roads with a speed limit of over 55 mph.

"Many of us wanted it lower," Sen. Greg Hembree said. "I wanted it lower, but some of the senators from rural areas made a very good case that if you live out in the country and you live on a two-lane highway that's 55 mph, you're basically landlocked if your only means of transportation is a moped."

When the law goes into effect, mopeds must follow all traffic laws of motor vehicles. When traveling on the highway, mopeds must stay in the right lane. Motorists must be 15 years old to get a moped license, and those under 21 must wear a helmet.

"Mopeds must be required to have a license. They won't be taxed like a vehicle, but they will be to have a license much like a motorcycle license," Hembree said.

This means that those plaques that say "moped" will now be replaced with actual license plates. That way, if a moped is involved in a crime or accident, it can be identified.

While this law has passed, Hembree said it will take a while to go into effect, because the Department of Motor Vehicles needs time to create license tags.

"It's 18 months from now, which is unusual, but we'd rather get it right then get it fast," Hembree said.

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