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Police respond to report of shots fired at Pirate's Voyage Sunday

Google image of Pirate's Voyage. (Source: David Smith via Google) Google image of Pirate's Voyage. (Source: David Smith via Google)

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – Police responded to a report of shots fired at Pirate’s Voyage in Myrtle Beach Sunday evening, and witnesses said there was a shoot-out there, but police were unable to locate the men who were allegedly involved.

At about 8:40 p.m., Horry County Police responded to the dinner theater on Kings Highway, according to the police report. A security guard told the responding officer that he saw two men near the front of the business, and when he saw them, they ran around to the back of the building. That’s when he heard three to five shots, and saw one of the men run back in the opposite direction, get into a car, and drive off.

The officer spoke to another employee, who said he saw one of the men run towards the back parking lot, then turn and fire three shots back towards the building. The employee said he took cover, and didn’t see which way the man went. The employee was able to identify the man by his DMV photo, according to the report.

Police then spoke to a witness, who said she had gotten a call from her “baby daddy” asking if she was okay. The father told the witness he had received a call from one of the men involved in the shooting, saying there was a shoot-out at Pirate’s Voyage. She then pointed police to the group that the man had been with.

After the show was over, police questioned one of the patrons, who said he was never with the man involved in the shooting. The police report notes that the patron “seemed to be very nervous about the questions being asked.” The officer told the patron the witness told him she saw the subject with him, but he continued to say he did not know who he was.

Officers then spoke to the server for the party, who said five people showed up originally. She said the subject allegedly involved in the shooting came in a bit later, made a drink order, but when she returned with it, he was gone. A person in the party said they would need a box for his food because he was not coming back.

Police checked with area hospitals, but no one reported any gunshot victims. The area was canvassed, and police located a 9MM bullet.

Police checked the address listed for one of the men allegedly involved in the shooting, but they were told he was asked to move out earlier this year.

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