Lake City resident targeted by phone scammers loses $8,000

Lake City resident targeted by phone scammers loses $8,000

LAKE CITY, SC (WMBF) – A Lake City resident lost around $8,000 after becoming the victim of a phone scam.

According to Lake City Police Chief Kip Coker, the scammers claimed a family member of the victim had been taken to jail in Florida, referencing the family member by name.

The victim followed instructions by buying Walmart gift cards and giving the gift card numbers to the scammers, in exchange for the release of the victim's incarcerated family member.

The scammers used a phone number from British Columbia. Coker said international fraud schemes usually target elderly U.S. citizens.

Avoid these scams by not answering calls from phone numbers you do not recognize. If you know someone affected by a similar scam, contact law enforcement.

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