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Myrtle Beach Superblock business forced to move experiencing success in new location

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MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Despite an uncertain future with the city buying Superblock properties to build a children’s museum and library, businesses are continuing to move forward.

Thomas Pardue, owner of Tomtom Studio, was forced to move out of the building he was renting for his art studio and gallery next to Nance Plaza.

“It was a mad scramble for sure,” he said.

The day he had to be moved out of the space, he found the building his business is now in along Broadway.

“It’s been fantastic,” he said. “Everyone that comes in loves the shop, loves the downtown area and that kind of feel that it has.”

Pardue got approval from the Community Appearance Board this week to paint a mural on the outside of his business. He said it will be a pop culture representation of trees.

He wants to make the alleyway next to it a green space for events.

“Stringing lights across the two buildings with the backdrop and the mural, lots of landscaping, some green space, I think it would be fantastic,” he said.

John Krajc, president of the Five Points Business Association, said he’s working on getting better lighting along Broadway.

“We’ve definitely seen a reduction in crime even over the past even five months,” he said.

Currently, First Friday Artwalk goes on monthly and the association has plans to host even more events in the area.

“The events we’ve brought have brought positive reactions,” Krajc said.

He said the association tried to expand the city market event from last year into a weekly event, but city council didn’t approve it. He said the city thought it could be too much too fast. However, Krajc said the association is giving the idea up and is looking for someone to manage the event and then the association can do the marketing for it.

The Five Points Business Association is also looking into doing a Christmas event this year, Krajc said.

“Keep coming down here,” he said. “People say it’s dangerous, but the fact of the matter is in our entire city with the crime issues we’ve been having, if people shy away and they don’t come help us, we have to do this together to make Myrtle Beach safer and to make downtown safer.”

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