Good food, service wins at Joe's Dinner, and inspectors find repeat offenders at other restaurants

Good food, service wins at Joe's Dinner, and inspectors find repeat offenders at other restaurants

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - If cooking is not on your "to-do" list this weekend, check out the restaurants highlighted in this week's Restaurant Scorecard report.

It's good old country cooking at the Farm House Restaurant  on North Kings Highway in Myrtle Beach. The restaurant is open for the summer season, and earned a high "A" rating, with an overall score of 98.  The inspection report stated there was not a food protection manager certificate available at the time of the inspection this week.

Ocean Fish Market on Kingston Street in Conway earned an overall score of 88. The inspector observed fish thawing in standing water in a three-compartment sink. There was a bulk sugar container, that was observed not labeled. The report also said boxes of food were stored on the floor in the walk-in cooler. The inspector also observed cutting boards in the fish prep area, had lots of deep cuts, and were not maintained. The report also stated the floor at the cookline had grease accumulation. 
Bennett's Calabash Seafood, in North Myrtle Beach earned an overall score 89. In the report, the inspector observed a box of shrimp was thawing in a sink at room temperature. The report also stated there was not adequate hot/cold holding equipment with enough capacity to meet the demands of the operation. Certain foods, like slaw, fish, and stuffed shrimp, were not stored at the proper holding temperature. The report stated the inspector identified this as a consecutive violation; according to DHEC spokesperson, Robert Yannity, that means the eatery has been cited for this before.

Yannity says when an inspector reports a consecutive violation, the restaurant may be referred to the department's Enforcement Division, who will then look at the restaurant, its violations, and recommend several options to rectify the problems. Yannity said that includes an action plan, or even the restaurant's licensed be revoked.

One manager at Bennett's Calabash Seafood said all the problems were corrected, and a follow up inspection was conducted on Thursday, however, WMBF News was unable to see the follow-up report on DHEC's website.

Other, repeat offenders this week, include Andy's Corner in North Myrtle Beach; the restaurant earned an overall score of 88. Its consecutive violation was that ready-to-eat foods held for more than 24 hours were not date marked.

El Noa Noa Latin Bar And Grill, on Highway 17 North in North Myrtle Beach, earned an overall score of 88. The inspector observed foods stored on the floor, which was considered a consecutive violation. The report stated, if this violation happens during the next inspection, the restaurant could be referred to the DHEC's Enforcement Division.

A near-perfect score was earned by Joe's Diner by the airport. The restaurant earned an overall score of 99.

Roger and Mary Lucas, regular customers at the diner, say they eat there three to four times a week. The couple, married for 56 years, say they know a thing about good food, and that's why they say Joe's is a winner for them.

"Mary, she's hard to please when it comes to food, and so the restaurants we go to they have to be pretty good, for us to even go, said Roger Lucas, looking at his wife.

The Lucas' say if you come you will want to come back. The couple and other customers say it's the service, the food, and specials, that will continue to make the restaurant a staple in the community.

"It's homely, it's got great food, it's got great service and we really like, and that's what we see in a restaurant," said Roger.

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