Horry County: What’s in a name?

Horry County: What’s in a name?

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) – Your name - it's part of your identity. Horry County's name, and subsequent identity, is always evolving.

According to information from SCCounties.org and the Horry County Historical Society, it was originally part of colonial Craven County in 1682. It got its present borders and became Kingston County in 1785.

Kingston County took the name Horry (OH-REE') from namesake Peter Horry in 1801, becoming Horry District. In 1868, it became Horry County, as it is known today. Horry was born in South Carolina around 1747. He was a lieutenant colonel in the Revolutionary War and later a brigadier general in the S.C. Militia.

Through its history, Horry County was also part of Prince George Winyah (1722), Prince Frederick (1734), and All Saints (1767) parishes, which served as early religious and civic jurisdictions. It was part of newly-formed Georgetown District in 1769.

The area was isolated from the rest of South Carolina for many years by numerous rivers and swamps, and the inhabitants sometimes referred to themselves as the "Independent Republic of Horry."

Lumber and naval stores were the primary industries during the 18th and early 19th centuries, with tobacco farming being introduced later. In the 20th century, tourism came to dominate the coastal section of the county centered around Myrtle Beach.

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