HVAC Systems and Hurricanes

HVAC Systems and Hurricanes

Living on the coast has its positives… and then some negatives, like the threat of hurricanes.  From boarding up windows to stocking up on supplies, homeowners spend a lot of time prepping their homes for the potentially severe weather.  But there's one piece of equipment that many homeowners don't think about prepping for the weather: the HVAC system.

Think about it.  The HVAC system is used almost daily for temperature control, removal of excess moisture, and ventilation of oxygen, dust, bacteria and removal of stagnant air.  It is one of the most under appreciated appliances used in a home… until it doesn't work.  But there are steps that homeowners can take to protect their valuable HVAC unit from the potentially damaging winds and rain of hurricane season.

Many homeowners may not realize this but HVAC preparation is a critical component of hurricane preparedness.  Before the storm hits, homeowners should turn the temperature down several degrees on their unit to 'pre cool' their home in case there is a loss of power.

If, and when, a hurricane is headed towards the area, homeowners must unplug any electrical items in case of a power outage.  That includes shutting off the breaker to the home's HVAC unit to decrease the possibility of damage to the system.  Does the home have window air units?  Remove them before the storm hits.  If they are left in the window during a hurricane, the unit can turn in to a projectile or be damaged in the winds.

Homeowners can also anchor the HVAC unit down to provide extra support.  Although the system is difficult to move, there is always the chance of hurricane force winds pushing it out of place.  By using specially designed straps to keep the HVAC system in its place, homeowners can keep the unit from taking flight.

While the homeowner is outside looking at the HVAC unit, they can also take the time to inspect their yard for any possible projectiles and move them into a secure location.  Tree branches, toys, lawn equipment and other loose items could easily be thrown around by the hurricane-force winds.  If any of those items were to strike an HVAC unit, it could cause damage.

The biggest part of being prepared is not waiting until the last minute to prepare an HVAC system for coming heavy winds and rain.  Need help protecting the HVAC unit on your home?  Contact a local company like Air Mechanical to help you get your system ready for the hurricane season ahead.