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Atlantic Beach town leaders hope traffic loop won't affect bikers getting to weekend concerts

(Source: Ruby Durham) (Source: Ruby Durham)

ATLANTIC BEACH, SC (WMBF) – It's the calm before all the crowds reel in for the 2017 Atlantic Beach Bikefest. The area of Atlantic Beach will be transformed with a mix of thousands of people, bikes and vendors over the next few days.

If you're going to Atlantic Beach there's a couple of things you need to know.

The concert will no longer be on the Beach because town leaders wanted to avoid any environmental issues like sea turtle nesting, and so dunes won’t be damaged.

All entertainment will now be on land, specifically the 30th block of South Ocean Blvd.

If you're concerned about parking, individual property owners are providing parking and town leaders have vacant lots where people can park. There will be signs posted.

Town leaders say they've been getting a number of calls about the entertainment they have lined up for the first time this year.

So far, there are 48 vendors registered, but town leaders hope the number of interest calls translates into more vendors and bikers present.

"That was the objective and intent, bringing entertainment here that we can have patrons stay longer and have musical entertainment," said Atlantic Beach Town Manager Benjamin Quattlebaum said.

Town leaders hope they can continue to provide different entertainment artists each year. They're also banking on successful participation numbers because of their new initiative, but they do have a few doubts.

Town leaders said they hope the traffic loop and all the barriers don’t prevent people from attending all the concerts and events they have planned.

They believe the loop is going to impact people coming from the north, so they're encouraging those who are making their way to Atlantic Beach to park across Highway 17 and walk to go to all of the concerts.

WMBF News caught up with some bikers who have been coming to the area for 18 years for Memorial Day Weekend. The bikers are from New York and plan to spend the weekend going to all the events, parties and cookouts.

They even joked about the traffic loop, saying they've been coming so long saying it won't stop them because they figured out all the back roads to avoid it.

The bikers say they come year after year because they make sure they leave with one attitude: "That we had a good time, we relaxed got a chance to ride our bikes, by us being from Buffalo New York, the snow capital of the world they say, coming down here we get an opportunity to ride and that's what we love to do," Top Guns Bike Club President James Boone said.

If you're a food or retail vendor and still want to register you have until Saturday to do it.

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