NAACP: Traffic loop is '23 miles of shame'

NAACP: Traffic loop is '23 miles of shame'

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – As Bikefest arrives in the Grand Strand, the NAACP is again launching Operation Bike Week Justice.

Members of the organization, who spoke in Myrtle Beach on Thursday, said its goal is to monitor for any reports of discrimination and ensure all tourists in the Grand Strand this weekend are treated fairly and equally.

As for the 23-mile traffic loop that goes into effect Friday night and runs through the weekend, NAACP officials said it is a form of discrimination against African American tourists.

"(It's) a loop that is 23 miles of shame, 23 miles of humiliation, 23 miles of discrimination," said Anson Asaka, associate general counsel for the NAACP. "They tell us this plan is designed to facilitate the flow of traffic. That's what they tell us."

Asaka pointed to the fact that there is no traffic loop during spring break, the Harley rally, the Carolina Country Music Fest or the Fourth of July. He said it's reserved for "colored people only."

"Instead of preventing crime, what this traffic plan does is collectively punishes thousands of innocent people because of the actions of a few. You have people come to Myrtle Beach simply to enjoy themselves, people who are law-abiding citizens, but yet they are subjected to this kind of collective punishment."

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