North Myrtle Beach non-profit expanding as more people look for help

NORTH MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Building a Way is located in the middle of the Barefoot Community in North Myrtle Beach.  The center prides itself on providing people the help they need in a homey, non-facility like environment.  That's one reason the center's coordinator says this non-profit is working, and growing as more people look for help.

"This is a long time thing, you know.  This isn't a short term fix...this isn't a band-aid.  This is a life change and that's what our goal is," center coordinator Justin Thompson said.

The center is not religiously affiliated, but formed from people seeking help at Barefoot Church.

Building a Way helps anyone suffering from addiction, abuse, mental health issues or losing a loved one.  It's an extensive, long-term program, Thompson said.  Right now, the center is located next to the Barefoot Conference Center.  It provides chiropractic services out of a practice run out of the center, counseling and addiction services.  But, the center is expanding to become double it's size.

Building a Way is looking to hire several licensed counselors, medical assistants and cosmetologists.  The center is in the process of adding a full-working hair salon.  "They're going to be having paying clients come through the door but you know, if you have some that's...a woman that's been beaten, or human trafficking...whatever the situation may be able to come in here and pour a little bit into this woman and make her feel beautiful like she is on the inside, that goes a long way," Thompson said.

The center is always looking for donations.  It takes about $160,000 annually to operate now.  When the center expands, it will cost about $260,000 annually, according to Thompson.  The center takes advantage of being located next to the Barefoot Conference Center.  If Building a Way brings an event to be held at the conference center, all proceeds from the booking are given to Building a Way, Thompson explained.

The center is bringing a hair cosmetology show and local food tasting event to the conference center soon, so look out for dates.

If you know someone that needs help, contact Lauren as

If you would like to donate or book an event at the Barefoot Conference Center, so all proceeds from the booking go to Building a Way, contact Justin at (843) 798-2652.

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