VIDEO: Man in his underwear slips and slides in the rain at Broadway at the Beach

VIDEO: Man in his underwear slips and slides in the rain at Broadway at the Beach

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – It was raining cats, dogs, and scantily-clad men in Myrtle Beach Saturday afternoon.

Video of a man slipping and sliding around Broadway at the Beach in his underwear during Saturday's downpour is getting lots of views on Facebook.

The video, posted by Anthony Jack Pagan Saturday afternoon, shows a man in just his boxers diving into the wet concrete walkway outside Chuck and Ducks bar at Broadway several times, and gleefully sliding around as rain pours down and a crowd cheers him on.

Pagan said he didn't know who the man in the video was, but had a good laugh at his antics.

"Well I was confused at first why he only down to his underwear but once he started sliding down the concrete like it was a slip n slide I was cracking up," Pagan said in a Facebook message.

Pagan noted that even though the ground at Broadway is quite rough, "it didn't seem like it bothered him at the moment." Pagan added: "Probably very red and painful today."

As of Sunday morning, the video had over 329,000 views and was shared over 4,100 times.

Pagan was surprised by the attention his video received.

"Well I was very surprised because usually my videos and post[s] only get like maybe 100 likes max but once I posted this video not even an hour after posting the video it was at 20 thousand views and 600 shares," he said. "Couldn't believe it."

Pagan said he got the video from his manager at Good Time Charley's, Jorge Yasin.

See the original video posted on Pagan's page below:

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