Deputy Coroner: May take 3 weeks or more to identify human remains found near missing man's ID in Aynor area

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) – An identification card belonging to a man missing since January 2016 was found in the vicinity of human remains that were discovered near Aynor on Wednesday, according to an Horry County Police Department spokesperson. However, the coroner said Thursday that it may take three weeks or more to identify the remains.

Krystal Dotson, with the HCPD, confirmed Wednesday night the ID card belonged to Randy Davis.

"While the preliminary investigation leads us to the conclusion that the remains belong to Mr. Davis, forensic analysis is necessary to confirm the identity," Dotson said via email. "We will not provide such confirmation until these results are received."

The remains were found in a heavily wooded area near Horse Pen Bay Road during a search for the missing Davis, according to a news release from HCPD.

Horry County Deputy Coroner Darris Fowler said the remains belong to a male. On Thursday, Fowler advised that it may take three weeks or possibly more to positively identify the victim, and that he will inform the media when a forensic exam is completed.

It is still not official whether the body that was found was Randy Davis or not. However, his mother said the remains were found in the area he went missing and she has a feeling it could be him.

Loretta Davis said she and her family have searched this exact spot for her son before, but never saw any sign of human remains.

She added the moment she heard that a body was found, her heart sank to her feet.

Now, she is anxious to hear from the coroner on whether the body was truly Randy's.

"It's been a very upsetting afternoon," Loretta Davis said. "We got a phone call and they said that they think it might be him, but they weren't for sure and they had to do some further investigating but that they would let us know if that was him or not."

According to Fowler, the remains will be sent to Charleston for further investigation and identification. That ID is expected Thursday.

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