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Group holds 'die-in', NAACP urges citizens to call senators to oppose healthcare bill

Demonstrators hold a die-in outside Graham's Pendleton office (May 9, 2017) Demonstrators hold a die-in outside Graham's Pendleton office (May 9, 2017)
Demonstrators hold a die-in outside Graham's Pendleton office (May 9, 2017/ FOX Carolina) Demonstrators hold a die-in outside Graham's Pendleton office (May 9, 2017/ FOX Carolina)
PENDLETON, SC (FOX Carolina) -

A political activist group said its members will hold a “Die-in” demonstration outside U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham’s office in Pendleton, SC.

Indivisible Clemson, which is listed as a “group of concerned citizens from South Carolina’s 3rd Congressional District coming together to actively resist the Trump agenda” on the group’s website, is making a stand against the American Healthcare Act, the GOP-authored bill to replace the Affordable Care Act.

“We are appalled that Representative Jeff Duncan voted for the American Healthcare Act, and we want to help Senator Graham to understand how devastating the AHCA could be to the most vulnerable members of our community, if the Senate follows the House's terrible lead and passes a similar piece of legislation,” stated Patrick Warren with Indivisible Clemson in an e-mail. “There are nearly a million people with pre-existing conditions in South Carolina. Under the AHCA, there is a real possibility that any of them could end up being unable to obtain affordable insurance to cover those conditions. Under a waiver, there is no limit on the amount those with pre-existing can be charged, and that can result in a de facto denial of coverage. With no insurance, lifesaving interventions like chemotherapy or organ transplants are prohibitively expensive. People will literally die. We hope to make this clear to Senator Graham…”

The ”Die-in” demonstrations will be held at noon and 4 p.m. outside Graham’s office, located at 124 Exchange Street in Pendleton.

After the the American Health Care Act passed the U.S. House on May 4, Sen. Graham issued the following statement:

I look forward to carefully reviewing the House-passed legislation to repeal and replace Obamacare. My primary duty and job is to ensure this bill – if it were to become law – would be beneficial to the people of South Carolina.  Only after a careful review of the legislation, as well as discussions with the interested stakeholders across South Carolina, will I know the answer to that question.  I do know the revised bill is an improvement over the first attempt.

Obamacare is a disaster and every day brings fresh evidence that it is moving toward collapse. 

Just yesterday Iowa announced that the sole statewide health care provider on the Obamacare exchange may be pulling out.  In South Carolina, the situation is not much different as we are down to one provider on our Obamacare exchange.  And that provider – Blue Cross Blue Shield – has already expressed doubts about whether they can afford to continue to offer their product.

Today’s House vote – where every Democrat voted in opposition – also shows that Democrats in Congress are committed to protecting Obamacare.  They refuse to face up to the fact that Obamacare is on the verge of collapse.  Until they accept this reality, I believe they will refuse to work with President Trump and Republicans on health care reform. 

I believe it may take Obamacare’s collapse before the parties are willing to work together in a bipartisan manner.  The collapse and replace of Obamacare may prove to be the most effective path forward.  Only then – and by working together – can we make improvements in health care for millions of Americans.

The Greenville chapter of the NAACP also issued a statement on Tuesday, calling for South Carolina residents to contact their senators about opposing the American Health Care Act.

Below is the statement from the NAACP:

The NAACP has been in existence since for 108 years fighting to protect the civil and human rights and fight against social injustice of all people, especially people of color.  The Greenville Branch of the NAACP is outraged and plans to fight against the US Congress replacing the current Affordable Health Care Act with the American Health Care Act.

Our President and our Congress put millions of us in jeopardy, the truth has to be told and we must contact our U.S. Senators to urge them vote against the American Health Care Act.  The AHCA works against everyone who needs it but it works for those who do not need it.  The AHCA increases costs to the elderly with pre-existing conditions by five times and gives tax breaks to the wealthiest 2% of Americans. As residents of a state whose governor refused to accept $11 billion dollars by expanding Medicaid and denying thousands access to health care, we are even more in need now in South Carolina. 

The Greenville NAACP urges Greenville residents to call our US Senators: Senator Lindsey Graham at 202-224-5972 and Senator Tim Scott at 202-224-6121.   Call our Senators because our lives depend on quality health care.

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