Deal Diva: Aldi, Publix and Walmart - Who has better prices?

Deal Diva: Aldi, Publix and Walmart - Who has better prices?

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - If you haven't heard, grocery store chains are popping up in area.

It is why we wanted to ask WMBF viewers what their favorite grocery store is.  We did a Facebook Live poll, and the majority vote was for ALDI. Coming in second was Publix, while third went to the Walmart Neighborhood Market.

From there, we wanted to see who really offers better prices for their own brand store products.

With a small grocery list consisting of items like milk, eggs, rice and bread, we set out to each store to see who offered a more competitive price. Walmart Neighborhood Market offers the Great Value brand, the Publix brand is named after the store and ALDI has a variety of store's exclusive brands.

One Pound of Brown Rice

ALDI $1.49

Publix 2 for $2 ($1 each)

Walmart Neighborhood $0.78

Dozen Large Grade A Eggs

ALDI $0.55

Publix $2 for 3 (1.50 each)

Walmart Neighborhood $1.48

Gallon of Whole Milk

ALDI $2.28

Publix $3.49

Walmart Neighborhood $2.98

Boneless Chicken Breast

ALDI $3.49 a pound

Publix $4.79 a pound (BOGO offer, meaning buy one get one free, up to a 4.79-pound value)

Walmart Neighborhood 3.63 a pound

Pasta Sauce

ALDI $0.99

Publix $1.39

Walmart Neighborhood $1.06

Whole Wheat Bread

ALDI $1.39

Publix $1.89

Walmart Neighborhood $0.88

24-pack Purified Bottled Water 

ALDI $1.99

Publix $2.99

Walmart Neighborhood $2.99

A couple of things to consider if you have never shopped at ALDI is the carts are kept outside the store, but you have to put a quarter in the cart, shop, and then return the cart to get your quarter back. The company said this helps keep prices low because they spend time retrieving carts.

Also it's BYOB, or bring your own bags. Either bring your own or buy reuseable bags at checkout. The company said it's how they're 'saving green.'

Although ALDI did have a majority of the low prices, it is important to note the company says don't get too comfortable with your shopping list. That is because not all items you need may be available, as food and products are subject to change or maybe in the store for a limited time.

For Publix, there is not a savings or bonus card offer, but be sure to check their weekly ads and download the app to help you save. Also be mindful that savings flyers, coupons and BOGOs (buy one, get one free) are really popular for the store.

If you shop at Walmart Neighborhood Market, download the Walmart Savings Catcher App to your phone, scan your receipt and if any of the store's competitors offer what you bought for a cheaper price, Walmart will give you the difference.

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