Deck Tips

Deck Tips

Warmer temperatures are right around the corner.  And with warmer weather comes more time spent outdoors.  Before you pull on your shades and pull up a chair on your outdoor patio or deck, you may want to think about repairing any issues that have arisen during these past winter months.  You may actually find that your deck is suffering from a number of problems, including loose boards, water damage, and mildew, to name a few.

If your deck is starting to look old and worn, you can restore your existing deck by applying a deck restoration product.  These products are thick enough to fill all cracks, knotholes and splinters, and they create a completely new textured surface that can last years without additional applications.  These products can be found at stores like Lowes and Home Depot and generally take a few days to complete the entire process.

Does it look like your wooden deck is suffering from water damage or rot?  Take the time to examine all the wood carefully to see if any of the boards are rotten.  Pay special attention to those hard to see places like under the decking boards, at the ledger, on the underside of the stair treads, and so on.  It is important to note that, if the rot is less that ½ inch deep, that board can probably be left in place.  If the rot is more extensive, you may have to replace the entire board.  Use a flat pry bar to carefully remove the rotten boards and replace them with rot-resistant wood.

Is your deck looking a little grimy after sitting untouched during the winter months?  Washing a deck can be pretty simple.  Make sure to remove all debris off of the deck's surface before washing.  To clean a deck, purchase a commercial deck cleaner from your local hardware store.  Select one that removes mildew, oxidation, and dirt.  Using a stiff fiber bristle brush on a broom-type handle, thoroughly scrub the surface IN LINE with the wood grain.  Make sure to work in small areas and rinse frequently with clear water before allowing it to dry.

Are their gaps in your deck that weren't there last summer?  Unfortunately, over time, certain types of wood will shrink as it dries out, which may create gaps in your deck.  Sadly, the only way to correct this problem is to remove the boards and replace them.

Does your deck feel a little loose?  If your deck has any "give" to it when you walk on it, there's a good chance it needs structural repairs.  You can check the structure underneath the deck to ensure that the ledger boards, joist hangers and post connections are all secure.  If you are unsure, call a professional deck installer like Contract Exteriors to assess the situation and make repair work if needed.

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