Political expert looks back on President Trump's first 100 days

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) – President Donald Trump is a day away, having served 99 out of the milestone of 100 days as the country's commander-in-chief.

"It's a false standard, but I have to tell you, I don't think anyone's been able to do what we've done in 100 days," the president said Friday.

Before this statement, President Trump had been honing in on these 100 days, whereas WMBF News' political expert, Holley Tankersley said, past presidents have downplayed the milestone.

"That is a double-edged sword. That's great if you can really do something substantive in those 100 days, which is virtually impossible for any politician. But it's not so great if you're already challenged," Tankersley said.

She believed most of what President Trump has been able to accomplish so far has been more symbolic.

"I think that's greatly due to the fact that, you know, the Congress is not just divided by Republicans and Democrats, but also Republicans are internally divided, which makes it extra hard for even a Republican president, a president of the same party, to get anything done," Tankersley said.

President Trump's more aggressive take on foreign policy is something Tankersley ranks as a win.

"After the Mike Flynn issue, he really did solidify that national security staff and I think they have served him fairly well, making moves whether they are rhetorical or actually physical in Syria and Afghanistan," she said. "I think that has been a relative victory for the administration."

However, she also points out where she believes the ball was dropped.

"You know, certainly on the healthcare issue. I think that they fumbled that, the White House did," Tankersley said. "You know, it is difficult enough in Congress, but I'm not sure they took the role they should have or could have early on."

Tankersley went on to say the Trump administration's tax plan may face the same hurdles.

Going forward, she anticipates there will be more talks and challenges overseas, but suggests the president not lose sight of the challenges here at home.

"The more his attention is drawn away from that, the more difficult it will be for him to make a credible case to supporters, and Americans in general, that he is taking care of issues that would, in his words, 'Make America great again,'" Tankersley said.

She added the next hurdle, though it may seem far away, is the midterm elections.

"That's kind of the next marker of success and I think particularly, as we relate the Trump presidency to the fade of the Republican Party in Congress, that would be the hot-button issue, or set of issues, for President Trump," Tankersley said.

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