Restaurant Scorecard: Six local eateries score 'A' grades this week

Restaurant Scorecard: Six local eateries score 'A' grades this week

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) – In this week's Restaurant Scorecard, six restaurants were inspected by South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control inspectors, including one inside a local resort.

The Sun and Sands Restaurant, inside the Sands Beach Resort on Shore Drive in Myrtle Beach, received an 88 this week, which equates to a low "A."

According to inspectors, the restaurant lost points for storing potatoes in a hand sink, a cutting board being stored behind a sink and soda gun holsters draining into a trash can.

The most deductions came from issues with the walk-in cooler, which the inspector noted was not keeping food below 41 degrees, as is required. Raw chicken was measured at 59 degrees, but was being moved to another cooler.

Also scoring an 88 was A and J's Snack Shack on Enterprise Road.

According to the inspection report, employees handled money, then didn't wash their hands before putting on gloves.

Additionally, the inspector noted that several foods weren't being kept at the right temperature, including sliced cheese, chili and leafy greens. Some ready-to-eat foods were also not date marked.

In downtown Myrtle Beach, Hot Tomato, located on 21st Avenue North, also got an "88" this week.

According to the inspection report, several violations were corrected during the inspection, including a hand sink in the prep room being blocked by equipment, employees' drinks being stored on prep tables and foods that require date markings not having them.

The Italian restaurant also had points deducted for having chemical bottles in the kitchen area without labels and improper shelving being used at the cook line.

The Eggs Up Grill off Farrow Parkway near the Walmart Neighborhood Market made high marks, earning a 98 this week.

According to the inspection report, the restaurant lost points for a hand sink along the cook line being blocked with a rolling cart and eggs that didn't have the time they were pulled recorded, but did have a discard time recorded.

The inspector noted that both violations were corrected during the inspection.

Further south, Lincoln Park Bar and Grill on the U.S. 17 Bypass also got a high "A," earning a 96 from inspectors.

They deducted a point there for not removing packaging before thawing fish, even though a label said it should be removed first. Three points were also deducted for cold food not being stored at the proper temperature in a cooler, including several types of cheeses, leafy greens, and homemade salsa.

Black Thai Restaurant in downtown Conway got a "91" this week.

The inspection report notes that no certified food protection manager is associated with the restaurant right now, but the person in charge told the inspector a safety course is scheduled for May.

Additionally, the inspector noted that the sides of a stove and fryers had an accumulation of grease and food on them, and food debris and buildup was observed on the floor throughout the kitchen, in the dish area, ice machine and handsink.

The hood filter on the ventilation system also was noted as having a buildup of grease.

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