Wednesday at 11pm - Policing in the Digital Age

Wednesday at 11pm - Policing in the Digital Age

WEDNESDAY AT 11PM – Dash cams, body cams, cell phones – nowadays, cameras are everywhere, giving us different angles of police officers in action.

"A lot of cases, the tape doesn't look good – there's no way to sugar coat it," says North Myrtle Beach Police Chief J. Phillip Webster.

It's a tough job.

"These guys are stressed – they're stressed out," says police defense instructor Bruce Hancock. "A lot of times, they're very scared to do their job."

WMBF News Investigates the debate over your right to record police officers doing their jobs. Watch our special report, Policing in the Digital Age, Wednesday at 11 p.m. on WMBF News.


There is currently a bill in the Statehouse addressing the issues surrounding the recording of law enforcement officers - read it for yourself here.

As part of our investigation, we looked at the dash camera video from an incident one year ago in North Myrtle Beach, in which a police officer was fired upon by an assault rifle while chasing down three bank robbery suspects. Watch the raw dashcam video, and see our complete coverage of this incident below:

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