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Kingstree grandmother, Dillon woman each buy winning lottery tickets

(Source: S.C. Education Lottery) (Source: S.C. Education Lottery)

SOUTH CAROLINA, SC (WMBF) – A Dillon woman cried tears of joy when she scratched off a $125,000 lottery win this week. And Kingstree woman won $150,000 with Powerball numbers her grandson helped pick.

 According to a news release, neither woman wished to be identified.

“I’ve cried so much lately,” said the woman from Dillon, wiping a tear away before receiving the prize money. “I’m so happy.”

Her family is recovering from recent tragic events and the lottery win came right on time, she added. She bought the ticket at Alco number 26 in Latta.

“I’ll do something nice for him,” Grandma promised, referring to her grandson. And she’s treating herself by getting a few projects done around the house.

“It’s a wonderful feeling,” she said. And she’s not done yet. She plans to keep playing, but first consult with her lucky charm.

“Maybe next time, my grandson will get all the numbers right,” she joked. She bought the ticket at Sav Way in Kingstree.

The estimated jackpot for Saturday night’s Powerball drawing is $113 million. Three top prizes of $125,000 remain in the $5 Double Diamond Extra Play game, at odds of 1 in 595,200.

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