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Cold Case: Double amputee's murder still unsolved

Daniel Setliff (Source: Angel Setliff) Daniel Setliff (Source: Angel Setliff)

TIMMONSVILLE, SC (WMBF) - Pictures are all Angel Setliff has left to remember her dad.

They are photographs frozen in time that cause the memories to rush in.  

"We were definitely two peas in a pod in many ways," Angel Setliff said. "We looked a lot alike. We had a lot of the same mannerisms and a lot of the same likes. We both had a love for the beach and he was very proud of me."

And although Daniel Setliff had moved to Timmonsville from his native Alabama - where Angel Setliff still lives today - the two kept their strong relationship intact.

In fact, they were looking forward to a day in the very near future when Angel Setliff and her daughter would come to see “Grandpa” here in the Palmetto State. 

"We were planning a visit and he was very happy about it, and so was I," Angel Setliff said.

That vacation would never occur. Daniel Setliff was a diabetic and a double amputee. It was his roommate and best friend, Danny Gainey, who found him when he came to the home one year ago.  

Gainey found the front door open and Daniel Setliff out of his wheelchair, lying on the dining room floor.  The coroner called Angel Setliff to break the news she couldn't believe she was hearing.  

"I just thought it might have been his health," she said.

As it turned out, it was murder. Daniel Setliff had been shot once in the chest.    

Gainey can't help but think of the senselessness and what this world is now without his friend in it.

"He'd do anything in the world for you," Gainey said. "Real good guy and I'm going to miss that friendship."

Before Angel Setliff could begin to comprehend how much she'd miss her dad, she had questions. The biggest one was 'Why?' Why would someone want him dead?

She said her dad was a man who always put himself last.  

"He always helped people out who were down on their luck," Angel Seltiff said. "He would help them find a little bit of work."

While authorities have come up short at this point, they do point out this case is only a year old and they too have their suspicions.

"Mr. Setliff had a lot of problems with break-ins, so at this point we're leaning toward possibly he may have heard throughout the night someone trying to break in to the building outside his residence and actually inside his home and he tried to confront the party," said Florence County Sheriff's Office Investigator Chad Collins. "He did have several weapons in the home and we believe that one of the weapons he used was the one that he was actually killed with. Maybe the suspect took the weapon from him, being that he was in a wheelchair he was unable to defend himself."

As it stands, Gainey has lost his best friend, Angel Setliff has lost her father and they both say the world has lost a good man.  

Angel Setliff makes no secret of the fact she harbors resentment. Her father was elderly, a diabetic and a double amputee. She never dreamed his death would come at the hands of a killer.  

"I'm glad that God forgives them and I hope that eventually somehow God would help me do that as well, but I'm sure I would have several words for them," she said. "I would let them know what they robbed me of in my life and my daughter of. And I would probably let them know what I thought of what kind of person they are to shoot a man in his own home in a wheelchair and I don't really care what they needed. There's no excuse and no name bad enough to describe someone like that."  

According to his daughter, Daniel Setliff started a small foundation before he died to help wounded warriors. Due to his condition, he referred to himself as "Lt. Dan," like the character from Forrest Gump.

Angel Setliff said "The Lt. Dan Foundation" was just one way he gave back.  

Anyone with information into the death of Daniel Setliff should contact the Florence County Sheriff's Office. 

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