Deal Diva: Spruce up your wardrobe with rental items

Deal Diva: Spruce up your wardrobe with rental items

MYRTLE BEACH, SC  (WMBF) - With several social functions to attend during the spring and summer, someone is bound to upload pictures from the event on a social media site, and you don't want to be caught wearing the same outfit twice.

How do you solve this dilemma? Wearing it and sending it back is one option. Renting for your special event has never been more affordable.

It's not a new shopping trend, but there are definitely a lot more options to choose from when it comes to renting "the look." There are several websites that make it easy to borrow and return clothes.

The Ms. Collection

It's like having your own stylist. Your clothes are hand picked to match your style. Customers can either rent and return, or buy it all. Rental fees are $49 for casual styles, $59 for business styles, and $113 for a combination of outfits. Guys, there's even a Mr. Collection, too.

The company says they look at your style, and personalize a tote specifically for you. Once received, you decide if there's anything you'd like to swap. Wear everything you rent and like for as long as you want. If you like it so much, keep it and make it part of your closet. Fees for Letote start at $39.

Mine for Nine

This maternity rental service offers casual, business, and formal styles for expectant mothers. Each item can be borrowed for one month. One of the biggest perks is the service gives expectant mothers new options as their baby bump grows. So, if one item no longer fits, just exchange it for the next size up, or something new.

This popular site features many high-end designers, and styles that retail for hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars. You can pay as you rent, or select the subscription option. You can rent by the item so the prices will vary. Customers can choose to purchase the unlimited subscription, and for $139, you can rent three items on rotation. 

This site for plus-sized ladies features sizes that range from 10 to 32. Picking three items to rent will cost $95. Right now, there's a free 30-day trial offer if you want to check it out. Customers can try out top brands, wear the styles, and return it or buy it for less than the retail price.

Many of the sites include their shipping fees or offer free shipping. Also, there are also insurance fees for some websites that cover you if there is any damage to the clothes.

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