More new businesses opening up shop in Coventry Crossing

More new businesses opening up shop in Coventry Crossing

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – The Coventry Crossing shopping complex near The Market Common is getting some new additions.

"I think this spot here was empty for eight years, so we are the first actual tenants in here," said Kerry Minten, the owner of Paperwhites.

The store offers everything from jewelry to clothes to home décor. Coming next to the complex is The Bagel Factory.

"We are trying to open by this weekend hopefully, just setting everything up so we can be open," said Jason Luster, manager of the upcoming Bagel Factory.

It is yet another new addition the surrounding businesses can rally behind.

"I know everyone is excited, everybody's been anticipating them to come. It's going to bring in a lot of business, so we're excited," Minten said.

Business owners agree two things that make the plaza unique is the people and the location.

"People are coming in golf carts, or walking here. It's just a real nice fit for us," Minten said.

Another standout quality for Coventry Crossing is the support the surrounding businesses give each other. For Paperwhites, it's been helpful to have Wine and Design, and Posh Nails next door.

"So they've been very gracious to send them our way and really support us and say nice things about us, so it's good," Minten said.

For The Bagel Factory, all of the groups who meet at The Black Running Dog Company and the bicycle shop certainly won't hurt either.

"That will definitely help us out too," Luster said. "They will be looking for food before they go out riding."

It's a newfound system that's a sure way to keep the business booming in Coventry Crossing.

"Everybody is so friendly and helpful," Minten said. "They always want to see us succeed."

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